/Visual Arts and the Caribbean

Visual Arts and the Caribbean

Caribbean visual arts are well recognised and are known for its capacity for innovation which is often based on indigenous styles. Textiles, craft, wood carving, sculpture, painting, films and other forms of art are undertaken in the different Caribbean states. In sculpture Edna Manley’s work in Jamaica is well known and just as outstanding.

Art in the Caribbean: An introduction offers an opportunity to engage with the visual arts in the Caribbean region: from Belize in Central America through the Antillean Archipelago to the Guianas in South America.

  • Gallery of 40 artworks made in the region since the 1940s reflecting creolized African, Amerindian, Asian and
  • European art traditions and formal innovation.
  • Gallery artworks reproduced full page with, on the facing page, a description and critique of the work, its context, and information about the artist.
  • Historical Background narrating art developments in the region in pre-Columbian times, during the period of colonization, emancipation and early independence, and in the modern era, all within their geo-political context, and illustrated with 100 further artworks.
  • Time Line setting out main art developments and their historical context.
  • Glossary of art terms, select Bibliography and full listing of Illustrations.
  • Art in the Caribbean will be welcomed by students and all with an interest in the region’s visual arts.

Anne Walmsley is a British-born researcher and writer, specializing in Caribbean arts, with experience of secondary school teaching and educational publishing in the region.

Stanley Greaves is a Guyanese-born artist and art teacher whose art educational posts have ranged from secondary school to art college and university, in Guyana and Barbados.