/The Integrationist and Caribbean Development

The Integrationist and Caribbean Development

The Integrationist published it first book in 2000 titled ‘CARICOM: Unity in Adversity’, which offers a historical progression of the Integration Movement beginning with the failure of the Federation, through the difficulties of the 1970’s and 1980’s, analyses the challenges of the twenty-first century and highlights the opportunities presented to the Region.

The Integrationist has since published many books and has a database of numerous articles. To honour the region’s outstanding scholars, Lloyd Best and Rex Nettleford, the Integrationist produced volumes of articles in dedication to them, which engages developmental and policy issues confronting the Caribbean.

The Integrationist publications can potentially educate and empower and therefore contribute towards human resource development in the Caribbean, an essential part of the developmental process. Most of the material published by the Integrationist examine the perspective of integration, highlight the common problems throughout of the region and point to the uniqueness in the diversity and culture of the Caribbean. Scholars such as Sir Shridath Ramphal, Professor Clive Thomas, Professor Norman Girvan, Former Jamaican Prime Minister – P.J. Patterson, among many others who offer solutions and strategies focused on transforming the Caribbean and repositioning it for effective partnership at the global level in this twenty-first century, are sought after as contributors to the publications of The Integrationist.

Individuals and organisations serious about fostering regional development, can learn the process of integration, and enable maximization of our strengths in negotiating for our survival through enabling an understanding how we have come over the past seven decades. Additionally, the materials can be used by students and academics in classroom and in conducting research in various topic areas.