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Publications and Books Catalog – Denis Benn

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Globalisation: A Calculus of Inequality Perspectives from the South

Synopsis: This publication adds to that body of literature which examines, among other things, the significance of the loss of preferential trading arrangements for developing...

Contending with Destiny: The Caribbean in the 21st Century

Synopsis: This publication captures the rich array of ideas and practical proposals presented by three Caribbean Prime Ministers, scholars, policy makers in both the public and...

Governance in the Age of Globalisation: Caribbean Perspectives

Synopsis: This publication is a collection of papers delivered by a wide cross section of scholars and professionals at the 2002 Mona Academic Conference on the Governance...

Caribbean Imperatives: Regional Governance and Integrated Development

Synopsis: This publication focuses on several important topics relevant to the future of the community by addressing issues such as the conception of the Caribbean Community;...

Production Integration in CARICOM: From Theory to Action

Synopsis: In this volume, academics policy makers in government and the private sector as well as regional institutions have sought to identify the opportunities for promoting...

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