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Publications and Books Catalog – 2007

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The Political History of CARICOM

Author: Anthony Payne

Year: 2007

Understanding International Trade: A CARICOM Perspective

This publication provides helpful insights on the major trade and related economic issues that currently engage the minds of policy makers and key stakeholders in the Caribbean Community. The...

Lloyd Best on Caribbean Regional Integration (unpublished manuscript )

This is a revised manuscript of the 2007 edition of a collection of essays around the work of Lloyd Best.

The Caribbean Integration Process: A People Centred Approach

This publication is intended to contribute to the debate on regional integration in the ongoing process of education and continuing quest for identification as a Caribbean people. It includes...

Intervention Border and Maritime Issues in CARICOM

This publication offers a variety of perspectives on some key issues for CARICOM. These are the ever present probability of intervention, military and otherwise in the internal affairs of Member...

The UWI-CARICOM Project: Contributing to a Viable Community

This publication details in a comprehensive manner, the work performed by the UWI-CARICOM Project from its inception in 2001 to the present. Readers are given a wealth of information, not only on...

Observing Elections: The Commonwealth's Way, The Early Years

This publication emphasises the programme that commenced in 1990 and continued through to 2000. Though not exhaustive in commenting on all relevant dimensions of ascertaining the will of the...

The Race for Fisheries and Hydrocarbons in the Caribbean Basin: The Barbados-Trinidad and Tobago Dispute, Regional Delimitation Implications

This publication seeks to distil the background conditions that gave rise to this dispute and the resulting domestic and international political ramifications; to analyse the specific principles...

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