/Publications and Books Catalog – 2006

Publications and Books Catalog – 2006

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Regional Footprints The Travels and Travails of Early Caribbean Migrants

Editors: Annette Insanally, Mark Clifford, Sean Sheriff

Year: 2006

Cooperation in the Greater Caribbean

Author: Norman Girvan

Year: 2006

Eric Williams and the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Author: Colin A. Palmer

Year: 2006

Production Integration in CARICOM: From Theory to Action

Synopsis: In this volume, academics policy makers in government and the private sector as well as regional institutions have sought to identify the opportunities for promoting...

Improving the Organization of Elections: A 2006 Perspective

Synopsis: This book is the result of an act of courage. The deceptively simple concept of organizing a process, called an election, that seeks to derive societal preference by ...

Rex N: Selected Speeches

Synopsis: This carefully selected collection of 42 of Nettleford’s speeches provides a glimpse of his formidable intellect and his contribution to the search for and validation of a Caribbean c...

Integration: CARICOM's Key to Prosperity

Synopsis : This publication is a compilation of eight thought-provoking lectures, delivered under the auspices of the CARICOM Secretariat at the ...

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