/Publications and Books Catalog – 2006

Publications and Books Catalog – 2006

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Regional Footprints The Travels and Travails of Early Caribbean Migrants

Editors: Annette Insanally, Mark Clifford, Sean Sheriff

Year: 2006

Cooperation in the Greater Caribbean

Author: Norman Girvan

Year: 2006

Eric Williams and the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Author: Colin A. Palmer

Year: 2006

Production Integration in CARICOM: From Theory to Action

In this volume, academics policy makers in government and the private sector as well as regional institutions have sought to identify the opportunities for promoting production integration in...

Improving the Organization of Elections: A 2006 Perspective

This book is the result of an act of courage. The deceptively simple concept of organizing a process, called an election, that seeks to derive societal preference by aggregating individual...

Rex N: Selected Speeches

This carefully selected collection of 42 of Nettleford’s speeches provides a glimpse of his formidable intellect and his contribution to the search for and validation of a Caribbean cultural i...

Integration: CARICOM's Key to Prosperity

This publication is a compilation of eight thought-provoking lectures, delivered under the auspices of the CARICOM Secretariat at the Distinguished Lecture Series...

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