/Publications and Books Catalog – 2005

Publications and Books Catalog – 2005

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Makers of the Caribbean

Author: James Ferguson

Year: 2005

The Caribbean Economy: A Reader

Author: Dennis Pantin

Year: 2005

CARICOM: Appropriate Adaptation to a Changing Global Environment

This publication seeks to advance the discourse on certain key aspects of the Community’s responsiveness to changes in its global and regional environments. It does so through a collection of h...

Caribbean Imperatives: Regional Governance and Integrated Development

This publication focuses on several important topics relevant to the future of the community by addressing issues such as the conception of the Caribbean Community; integration theory; the...

The Integrationist: CARICOM Commemorative Supplement

The CARICOM Commemorative Issue, a publication of the UWI-CARICOM Project, was conceptualised to highlight the inauguration of the Caribbean Court of Justice in April 2005 and the Opening of the...

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