/Publications and Books Catalog – 2003

Publications and Books Catalog – 2003

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Gender Equality in the Caribbean Reality or Illusion

Editors: Gemma Tang Nain, Barbara Bailey

Year: 2003

Governance in the Age of Globalisation: Caribbean Perspectives

Synopsis: This publication is a collection of papers delivered by a wide cross section of scholars and professionals at the 2002 Mona Academic Conference on the Governance...

Re-Inventing CARICOM: The Road to a New Integration

Synopsis: Reinventing CARICOM is a documentary work, recording the history and evolution of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) from its inception in 1973 through to the present....

Integrate or Perish: Perspectives of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community and Commonwealth Caribbean Countries 1963-2002

Synopsis: The first edition of this publication subtitled ‘Perspectives of Leaders of the Integration Movement’, chronicled the ideas and thoughts of the leaders of the int...

The CARICOM System: Basic Instruments

Synopsis: This is a commissioned work edited Justice Duke Pollard. The book locates and addresses a body of legal regimes expressed to constitute the CARICOM System. Most of these...

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