/Publications and Books Catalog – 2003

Publications and Books Catalog – 2003

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Gender Equality in the Caribbean Reality or Illusion

Editors: Gemma Tang Nain, Barbara Bailey

Year: 2003

Governance in the Age of Globalisation: Caribbean Perspectives

This publication is a collection of papers delivered by a wide cross section of scholars and professionals at the 2002 Mona Academic Conference on the Governance Challenge: National, Regional and...

Re-Inventing CARICOM: The Road to a New Integration

Reinventing CARICOM is a documentary work, recording the history and evolution of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) from its inception in 1973 through to the present. The publication analyses the...

Integrate or Perish: Perspectives of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community and Commonwealth Caribbean Countries 1963-2002

The first edition of this publication subtitled ‘Perspectives of Leaders of the Integration Movement’, chronicled the ideas and thoughts of the leaders of the integration process through their spe...

The CARICOM System: Basic Instruments

This is a commissioned work edited Justice Duke Pollard. The book locates and addresses a body of legal regimes expressed to constitute the CARICOM System. Most of these regimes post-date the...

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