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Our Mission

The countries and territories of what presently constitutes the Caribbean have had a long history of trying to actualize an organic impulse towards integration, beginning with the Federation of the West Indies in the middle of the latter century and resulting in the dynamic processes that constitute CARICOM, CARIFORUM, the OECS and the ACS today, however, there is limited information online on this process and the ongoing efforts for Caribbean regional integration. The Integrationist is an independent policy advocacy and educational platform, founded by Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, Honorary Distinguished Research Fellow at The UWI, former Governor General of Jamaica and former Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of The UWI and Mrs Myrtle Chuck-A-Sang, Managing Director of The Integrationist.

The central purpose of The Integrationist e-platform, is to source, contextualise and document information, relating to Caribbean regional integration, culture and development, primarily to inform the people of the Caribbean. This is achieved through publishing books, journals, research papers and select speeches. The published material is considered ‘insightful’, ‘enlightening’ and ‘thought provoking’ to regional leaders, policy-makers, activists or simply citizens, regionally or in the Diaspora, who would like to expand their knowledge of matters of importance to the Caribbean. We believe that expanding individual’s knowledge about the region is similar to expanding self-knowledge where persons develop a sense of belonging, and become inspired and motivated. In particular our articles are broad based, focusing on issues and policies in the economic, political, environmental, cultural, social and other spheres of Caribbean life.

The Integrationist seeks to do this, in recognition of the deficiency in documenting information in and about the Caribbean as well as the lack of adequate distribution of material throughout the Region. As a result, The Integrationist seeks to increase publications containing information about the Caribbean region and by Caribbean people.