/Our Mission

Our Mission

The countries and territories of what presently constitutes the Caribbean have had a long history of trying to actualize an organic impulse towards integration, beginning with the Federation of the West Indies in the middle of the latter century and resulting in the dynamic processes that constitute CARICOM, CARIFORUM, the OECS and the ACS today.

The central purpose of The Integrationist is to source and contextualise information – relating to regional integration – primarily to inform the people of the Caribbean.

This entity – founded by Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, Honorary Distinguished Research Fellow at UWI and Mrs. Myrtle Chuck-A-Sang, Managing Director of The Integrationist – is an independent policy advocacy and education organisation, launched to contribute to the promotion of the work of regional integration.

Our strategy is three-fold

Framing – We intend to play a primary role in contextualizing the concept, process and end-goal of integration by stimulating ideas and engendering dialogue in order to arrive at a consensus on regional integration.

Access – We also to intend to facilitate access to the works and contributions of the Region’s leading intellectuals and opinion makers, both within the Caribbean and in the Diaspora.

Policy Advocacy – building upon the other two pillars of our strategy, we will provide regional leadership – political, economic and civil – with the quality of information required for competently dealing with issues that affect the region’s capacity to create a globally competitive integrated Caribbean.