/Integrate or Perish

Integrate or Perish

Perspectives of Leaders of the Caribbean Community

Edited by

Professor Sir Kenneth O. Hall

This three part documentary focuses on the historical evolution and development of the Caribbean regional integration process. It allows for Caribbean people and those around the world to witness Caribbean leaders as they articulated their ideas and ideals and expressed their desire for political and psychological freedom. It also reveals how they determined the paths to be pursued to stay on course, even in the face of enormous challenges.

As the Caribbean Community celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2003, the UWI-CARICOM Project considered it opportune to capture the evolution of the regional body and seminal contributions of the legendary leaders who have engineered its growth. To this end, this documentary was commissioned based on the publication entitled “Integrate or Perish: Perspectives of Leaders of the Integration Movement” edited by Professor Sir Kenneth O. Hall.