/Regional Cultural Policy of the Caribbean Community

Regional Cultural Policy of the Caribbean Community


Cultural Policy is to be seen as an instrument that aims at empowering people to be liberated to their creativity and self development. In the Caribbean Community this Policy is to be located within the framework of the struggle for the democratic society.

The ideal of a democracy here refers to principles rather than form: to a system of government in which there are realistic, accessible political mechanisms for the people, whether as majority or minority, to have power and responsibility in the major and minor decisions which shape their lives, both as individuals and as members of a community. It is this view of democracy which is referred to throughout the document.

This document seeks to:

– outline some general principles which, it is felt, are of value in
determining the practical measures that can be taken by the public and
private sector to integrate culture into the process of nation-building;

– make specific practical recommendations concerning cultural activity in
different areas of life;

– indicate some specific considerations relevant to the role of particular
aspects of culture in national life;

– provide some guidelines and suggestions for the national cultural policies
of CARICOM countries which will be flexible enough for each country to
pursue its own cultural priorities, but still provide a common framework
within which these priorities are tackled.

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