/CARIFESTA: An Embodiment of Caribbean Integration

CARIFESTA: An Embodiment of Caribbean Integration

“The cultural dimension………..provides the basis for our development both as a region and as nation states. And recognizing that, we can then begin to encourage the growth of our cultural industries, quantify the earnings from the marketing of our cultural goods and services, recognize the field of culture and the arts for the catalyst that it is, and devote the resources necessary to its sustenance so as to allow it to realize its potential in fostering the growth of our peoples, socially, economically and politically.”
H. E. Edwin Carrington, CARIFESTA V, 1992

The Caribbean Festival of Arts, CARIFESTA, has assumed a pre-eminent place among the elements that define and give expression to the uniqueness of our Caribbean reality. Like other significant institutions such as cricket, CXC and CARICOM that symbolize a Caribbean commonality, the Festival reinforces our unity in the midst of our splendid diversity.

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