/The Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth O. Hall ON, GCMG, OJ, PhD
Professor Sir Kenneth Octavius Hall

The Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth O. Hall ON, GCMG, OJ, PhD

His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth Octavius Hall, ON, GCMG, OJ, was appointed Governor-General of Jamaica on February 16, 2006. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in History from the Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. His Excellency has a career that spans over five decades and one that has blazed a trail of excellence in the field of education both in Jamaica and the United States. He is renowned for his contribution to the advancement of the regional integration process, during his tenure at the CARICOM Secretariat from 1975-1977 and again, between 1994 and 1996.

Prior to assuming his position as Governor-General, Professor Kenneth Hall was Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. During the ten years (1996-2006) at the UWI, the policies he implemented resulted in a significant transformation in academic programmes, physical infrastructure and in student relations on the Campus. He was zealous in his efforts to establish an environment that was conducive to learning; and one that was supported heavily by information and communication technologies.

Professor Hall is a prolific writer and has published several books, articles and reviews on issues relating to History and International Relations. His most recent publications have included “CARICOM Policy Options for International Engagement”; “Economic Transformation and Job Creation: The Caribbean Experience”; “Regional Integration: Key to Caribbean Survival and Prosperity”; “Caribbean Community: The Struggle for Survival”; “Caribbean Integration: From Crisis to Transformation and Repositioning”; “Managing Mature Regionalism: CARICOM in the Twenty-First Century”; “The Pertinence of CARICOM in the 21st Century: Some Perspectives”; “The Caribbean Community in Transition: Functional Cooperation as a Catalyst for Change”; “Intervention, Border and maritime Issues in CARICOM”, “Integration CARICOM’s Key to Prosperity”; “Production Integration in CARICOM: From Theory to Action”; “Rex N: Rex Nettleford Selected Speeches”; “Integrate or Perish! Perspectives of Leaders of the Integration Movement 1963-2002”, and “Governance in the Age of Globalisation”. In 2004, the Government of Jamaica conferred upon him the Order of Jamaica for significant contribution to education and regional development.

During his tenure as Governor-General, a position he held until February 2009, His Excellency used his office to build national consensus on issues such as youth and education, and the importance of recognizing and rewarding excellence. He is also committed to promoting the importance of a robust moral order and strong civic culture as the essential pillars of social and economic progress. Additionally, His Excellency established the Governor-General’s Youth Award for Excellence Programme which complements the existing Governor-General’s Achievement Awards.

Professor Sir Kenneth Hall is a Professor Emeritus at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus and continues his academic writing and publishing pertinent works on Caribbean regional integration.

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