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Dedicated to the Caribbean Integration Process

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Dedicated to the Caribbean Integration Process

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Economic Integration

By the time the Caribbean Community got down to work on giving practical effect to its stated purpose of fulfilling “within the shortest possible time the hopes and aspirations of the Caribbean Territories…” by means of Economic Integration, forces were gathering which would challenge its very existence. Indeed, the birth of the Caribbean Community coincided with the unleashing of events which would plunge the World into its most profound economic crisis since the 1930s. Read More

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Foreign Policy

The Member States of the Caribbean Community are enjoined by the Treaty of Chaguaramas to present a common front to the external world, both in terms of politics and economics. While the Community’s record in this regard is not unblemished, there is much to be proud of. The Community and its Member States have participated in the drama of the liberation of Southern Africa, collectively affirmed their position during the unstable period in the ‘70s in Central America. Read more

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Functional Cooperation

Functional Co-operation predates the Caribbean Community. There has been contact between the various peoples of the Region in various ways and in different forms. For example, organisations which brought the civil servants of the Region and lawyers have existed long before functional co-operation formalised this kind of exchange. These exchanges have served to strengthen the bonds which exist between the Caribbean peoples in a signal way. Read More

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Regional integration in the Caribbean has always had an implicit security dimension. It has been driven by small state perceptions of their political and economic vulnerability vis-à-vis the external environment and the need for collective responses. Since 1973, a number of institutions have evolved to provide responses in the form of regular consultations and declaratory diplomacy, harmonized approaches to national security, dispute settlement and conflict management initiatives. Read More

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Our Mission

The countries and territories of what presently constitutes the Caribbean have had a long history of trying to actualize an organic impulse towards integration, beginning with the Federation of the West Indies in the middle of the latter century and resulting in the dynamic processes that constitute CARICOM, CARIFORUM, the OECS and the ACS today, however, there is limited information online on this process and the ongoing efforts for Caribbean regional integration.   The Integrationist is an independent policy advocacy and educational platform, founded by Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, Honorary Distinguished Research Fellow at The UWI, former Governor General of Jamaica and former Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of The UWI and Mrs. Myrtle Chuck-A-Sang, Managing Director of The Integrationist. The central purpose of The Integrationist e-platform, is to source, contextualise and document information, relating to Caribbean regional integration, culture and development, primarily to inform the people of the Caribbean.

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